Swarm et Fatimah Rehman // PARTS AND A HOLE // du 14 au 18 août 2019

Swarm et Fatimah Rehman // PARTS AND A HOLE //

du 14 au 18 aout à POPOP

Fatimah will exhibit a series of large scale drawings entitled “STRUCTURE I” and “STRUCTURE V” ( see portfolio). It will accompany a series of small scale drawings of a similar geometry and structure of the larger ones. “STRUCTURE I” is a large powdered graphite drawing on paper, that consists of a straight line moving, designing and repeated a similar abstracted imagery. “STRUCTURE V” brings a contrast of secondary colors (green and orange) in a perspectival and geometric image. It consists of flat geometric pointed stars of mathematics, to form a two and three dimensional planes within the given space. The stars, the circles and planes work together to balance out of how to place things and the relationship with the body and the viewer.

Swarm will exhibit her ‘Multiverse’ floor sculpture (see portfolio), her wall-to-floor installation ‘From Micro to Macro: A Theoretical Materialization of the Many Worlds Multiverse Theory’ as well as a sculpture resulting from “Portal Workers Unlimited” a sculpture performance piece. “Portal Workers Unlimited” (see portfolio) is composed of individual resin-cast bricks, painted matte black and white liek the night sky. Swarm will take each of these bricks and build a wall with them in her performance, creating a virtual passage, a portal, or an opening, invoking the viewers desire to pass through into an alternate universe. The performance will take place on the evening of the vernissage, and the sculpture resulting from the performance will be shown throughout the duration of the exhibition.


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