TOMORROW – Exhibition 499 (Concordia University)


Annie Bouvrette

Matthew Brooks

Catherine Cheong

Emmanuel Chieze

Colin Earp-Lavergne

Fannie Gadouas

Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin

Asher Klaven

Delphine Lewis

Elyse Lewis

Francis Macchiagodena

Ariana Molly

Rae Lavande Pellerin

Alessia Pizzanelli

Terrance Richard

Tess Roby

Roxanne Ross

Brent Morley Smith

Devon Spencer Levine

Eric Tschaeppeler

From April 11th to 25th.

Opening on April 16th, 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Opening hours: Tues. – Saturday : 12 – 17h.

Since September 2015, the emerging artists of Concordia University’s PHOTO 499 have each been creating original bodies of work in various media such as photography, video, installation, and sculpture. Their goal has been to produce a cohesive exhibition showcasing the work of Concordia students in their final year of undergraduate studies. The exhibition is curated by professor Marisa Portolese, with the aid of teaching assistant Yoshimi Lee.

The students of PHOTO 499 are proud to announce the opening of their upcoming exhibition on April 16th in three galleries of Montreal’s Belgo Building (372, Ste-Catherine Street West). The exhibition will take place in Galerie Lilian Rodriguez (space 405), Galerie Donald Browne (space 528) and Galerie POPOP (space 442).  The exhibition will be curated within the three spaces in order to reflect the conceptual underpinnings of the selected projects and create a discourse between them. The vernissage is scheduled to take place from 2 to 5pm, in which the public is invited to move through the three gallery spaces to experience all of the works.

The Exhibition class is honoured to share their work with the public and to be showcased in three notable Montreal gallery spaces. More information about the class and its upcoming exhibition can be found on