STALE – OBSERVATIONS OF THE EVERYDAY – Daniel Libman, Michael-Vincent Laviolette, Nicholas Losacco


Comfort is habit forming, and routine is often inevitable. A typical day is filled with familiar faces, places and expectations. We wake up, eat, clean, drive, work, study, sleep, rinse and repeat. The occasional disruption occurs, whether positive or negative, and perhaps this routine is broken. For the most part, we all engage in a fair, amount of mundane everyday rituals. Stale observes the relationships between daily routine, and how we share experience through the use of technology. This exhibition plays on how screens are windows into eachothers lives, and how we live vicariously through them in the comfort of our homes.

The exhibition is presented as a living room, made up of 5 pieces. This places the viewer in a comfortable and familiar environment. The space invites the viewer to observe and interact with the banal objects placed before them. Each work is meant to reflect how we use technology to document our habits, but also how we escape routine by observing other’s.

The viewer plays the role of a voyeur within the exhibition. Displaying these mundane actions and object in a gallery setting, allows the viewer to consider them critically. We overlook our everyday environment but when it is isolated in a room, the viewer understands that there is an observation to be made. In some ways, Stale is meant to make you feel alienated by what you observe, but still comfortable enough to sit down, touch, feel, and interact with what is being offered.