This paper based installation brings Tammy Salzl charcoal gouache and collage drawings into new dimensions using video, film and sound.

Dc3 Art Projects presents Tammy Salzl’s The Cleansing, a new paper and intermedia collage installation. 

Tammy Salzl explores human nature and contemporary experience through story telling and image making. She uses multiple media to explore psychological spaces within individuals and society. Mediating familiar, but challenging imagery with rigorous attention to skill and craft, she unmasks vulnerabilities in both the subject and viewer. The Cleansing is an extension into immersive installation using paper, pigment, sound and video.

The handwrought installation, The Cleansing, comprised of printed painted and collaged paper, HD video projection, and digital media with dual soundtrack, transforms her psychological spaces into an immersive realm. The viewer enters a serene and familiar world where things are not as they seem. Differences between the seen and the felt, the outward projection and the internal reality are the focus of this immersive journey into the seemingly everyday. Tensions and half truths collide with dark humour as do the hand worked and the digitally recorded elements.

Tammy Salzl is a Canadian artist who has shown throughout Canada, in Germany and Mexico, and has upcoming solo exhibitions with dc3 Art Projects in Montreal and Ed-monton. Salzl completed an MFA in Painting and Drawing at Concordia University and maintains a full time studio practice in Montreal.